About Us


The entrepreneurial couple Mikel H-G Hoff and Sanne Kiilerich founded the Amino HealthCare.

Mikel H-G Hoff has invented the Amino BioFrequency Therapy that includes a diverse frequency patch product, a clinic examination method and elements of manual therapy

Overall Corporation, CE registration, staff, distribution, concept development and communication, material, teams of instructors in EU and the USA etc is taken care of by the company’s CEO Sanne Kiil-erich

We aim our therapy towards professional therapist that consider themselves amongst the best, but with an urge to improve their skills and help clients to get another level. Top Physiotherapists, Manual Therapists, Holistic MD’s, Sports injury and Performance Therapists is a good match with the Amino BioFrequency Therapy.

Mikel H-G Hoff has great insight in nerve signaling and function and the body’s ability to heal itself, thru this and together with his knowledge in Muscle and Lymphatic system this gives a holistic ap-proach to the body and its symptoms. Furthermore he is a Sports Psychologist and Manual Therapist and Sports Injury Therapist.

During his education 25 years ago he learned that the body, as a whole is controlled by the nerve sys-tem and the nerve system alone, therefore it also controls all the body function and self-healing pro-cesses.


We are currently looking for therapists what would like to improve their skills and become instructors for Amino Academy.

With that comes the possibility to be Amino Ambassador to spread the Amino BioFrequency Therapy in local regions or countries.



Mikel H-G Hoff, SE
Founder and developer of Amino Therapy
Aut. Sports Medical Injury Therapist, Aut. Manuel
Therapist and Sports Performance Psychologist

Sanne Kiilerich, DK
CEO Amino Healtcare ApS, Amino Concept Responsible

Belinda Bloch, DK
Head of AminoAcademy

Pajo Asanin, SI
Product distribution & Therapist service Manager


Maja Fortunat
Pain Therapist , Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist

Ula Toplak, SI
Pain Therapist, Former professional handball’er


Vidar Vindal, NO
Pain Therapist, Leg. Physiotherapist
Acupuncturist, RedCore Specialist,


Sabine Fisher, DE
Pain Therapist, Physiotherapist, CEO DAA

Kathi Wichterle, DE
Pain Therapist, Physiotherapist, Osteopath,


Dr. Jon Porman, USA
Pain Therapist, Chiropractor

Sweden / Finland

Marie Jalkanen, SE
Pain Therapist, Cert. Physiotherapist


Bettina Redder, DK
Pain Therapist, NLP Master Coach

Kim Demuth, DK
Pain Therapist , Acupuncturist, Pain Therapist

Mette Liin, DK
Pain Therapist, RedCore Specialist

Sara Abdul Karim, DU
Pain Therapist, Physiotherapist
contact: 0505385388
email: uae@aminohealthcare.com